How can sector-led improvement help you?

Sector-led improvement is an approach to improvement where local authorities help each other to continuously improve.

View or download the summary infographic below to see how our LGA support offer can help your council deliver positive results across five key areas: Improvement, Productivity, Innovation, Leadership and Transparency.

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Sector-led improvement has been a success, despite a real terms funding reduction since 2010, increased demographic pressures and national policy changes.

What is sector-led improvement?

Find out how councils can use sector-led improvement to continue their own improvement journey, receive support and contribute to the improvement of local government as a whole.

Our sector-led improvement offer

The LGA has a range of practical support available to help councils exploit the opportunities sector-led improvement offers.


Read the conclusion from our two-year programme of evaluation research into sector-led improvement.

Case studies

Find out how local authorities are using sector-led improvement to improve communities.

Innovative Councils case studies

Discover how councils are working on innovative projects around the country.

Sector-led improvement update

This report describes councils' take-up of our support offer in 2016/17 to date. It also invites councils' views on the support they need in 2017/18 to help them continue to deliver high quality services against the backdrop of scarce resources.

Sector-led improvement: our offer of support

The challenges currently facing councils are unprecedented, but sector-led improvement has proven to be a success even in tough times. Our refreshed offer provides different tiers of support depending on the intensity of the challenges being faced locally.

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