The LGA's localism programme is helping councils reform public services and lobbying for greater decentralisation and devolution to local government. The golden rules include:

  • Councils being at the centre of Public Service reform, thus delivering more effective services for local people
  • Government policy continues in a localist direction and a thriving voluntary and community sector is encouraged
  • Councils are supported to develop new models of local public service delivery and commissioning, including community budgets.

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Localism Act

The Localism Act was introduced in November 2011. The aim of the act was to devolve more decision making powers from central government back into the hands of individuals, communities and councils. The act covers a wide range of issues related to local public services; this section outlines key information on the act for local government.

Working with communities and neighbourhoods

The LGA has partnered with Locality, an umbrella organisation for community organisations, to deliver a series of programmes that will help residents play a fuller and more equal role in the design and commissioning of services.


Devolution to local areas can bring economic, political and social benefits to communities across the country. Our online resource details what powers councils have already been given and what they're doing with them, as well as tools to help your council negotiate further devolution.

New burdens community governance review fund

The New Burdens Community Governance Review Fund 2016-17 is a fund to help local authorities facilitate communities who want to set up new town and parish councils do so. The fund was first introduced in 2015-16 by Government following the introduction of changes to legislation.

Sustainable Communities Act

A short note of the Selector Panel meeting held on 17 November to consider an appeal from Newham Council can be downloaded by clicking the title above. The meeting was held to consider Newham's proposal to reduce to £2 the maximum stake for B2 gaming machines (often referred to as Fixed Odds Betting Terminals  or FOBTs).  

Make a bid

Local authorities are invited to bid for a share of the Community Governance Review Fund 2015-16. This fund will help local authorities facilitate communities who want to set up new town and parish councils. 

Knowledge Hub

The Localism Knowledge Hub Group is an active forum where councils discuss the localism agenda. You may need to register to join.